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Flower Bulb

Weed & Feed Services 

Standard Services Include 6 applications of:

  • Hi-grade herbicides

  • Weed prevention

  • Fertilizer treatments over 12 months.


Soil analysis is also available as needed ( with 12-month agreement ) 


When applied correctly our herbicides will improve the quality of your lawn by targeting troublesome weeds and unattractive grass species.


Once the nutrient-sucking weeds and grasses are eliminated, your grass will be able to flourish with the aid of our high-grade fertilizer.


This program is used nationwide by the top lawn care professionals, and the results can't be denied.


We are excited to be able to bring it to our area. All applicators will be licensed and certified.        

Call us today at 985-855-0026 or reach out to us via email by clicking the Contact Us button.

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