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About Us

A Top-Tier Lawn Care Company

Gladiator seeks to improve the lives of its clients by doing what we love and removing the stress of lawn care from as many members of our local community as possible.


As a family man, our owner pours as much love, time, and energy into his business as he does his family because he knows that without one the other could not survive. 

About Our Owner

Matthew LeBlanc was born and raised right here in Houma. Growing up, Matthew worked alongside his father who instilled in him the gratification of hard work and that "anything worth doing was worth doing right".


He has continued working with this mindset for the last 19 years as he was building Gladiator, Inc. to where it is today!

To reach out to us or to learn more about the services we offer, please call us at 985-855-0026 or reach out via email by using the Contact Us button.


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